(Add your month and date and reduce to a single digit, then check the following by that digit.)

1.    Distress & Worry, Loneliness  CURE: learn to control you mind, learn to be independent

2.    Never enough love, Strong tongue, Helpful hands, love to be praised, love for music,    CURE: Watch your speech, Learn to sing, Pray, Be grateful, love insiders more….

3.    Love for Children, Ego for attention CURE: Do not be Childish, Seek Knowledge

4.    Stress, Hard Work, Low income,   CURE: Learn to relax, Exercise, Eat natural foods

5.    Charm, Distrust, Strong mind & feet, intuition, sexual energy, knowledge, changing…      CURE: Consider other’s feelings, Realize God sees all, Help the world, Create change

6.    Frustration, Ego, Power, Fears, Responsibility, Doubts, fear of change, fear of control      CURE: Realize that you are not in control- God exists, seek knowledge, be humble

7.    Love problems, fear of expression, emotional torture, inner enjoyment, critical,       CURE: Prayer, Meditation, Yoga, Singing, Speeches, Priests, Lecturer, Astrology

8.    Love for money, Material thinking, Luxury, Beauty, Actors, performers, fashion…  CURE: Realize that Money is temporary & Love is permanent, Give more charity

9. Struggle, Spending, Ego, Distrust, Energy, Love problems, fear of spirits, Sicknesses, CURE: Ocean water, Belief not doubt in God, Knowledge, humility, respect for elders, do not hate, spread love not anger,

patra2016_frontHere are the answers as given by the Gods…and the Law of karma…..
If mother was very lonely and Dad was working all the time then you were never given the attention of your Dad and so if you were not very much loved by him then you would not have learned how to relate with a male person that you love. If Dad never hugged you then you would become touchy later with your husband touching you therefore you would be sensitive to the touch of your male partner. If Mom was cold to you as a son then also you would be cold to your female lover. Most of the time, if you did not have a good relationship with your mother then you will not have a good relationship with your wife or your mother-in-law. If you did not have a good relationship with your father you would not have a good relationship with your husband or father-in-law. If your father was an alcoholic you will have either an alcoholic husband or may be addicted to some form of drug or stimulant yourself. If mother had an abortion prior or after you, chances are that you will have lost a child by abortion or miscarriage also. Usually when it’s a first abortion, it is a male child.  If you were sexually abused by a parent or family member as a young child, young girls will suffer severe cramps in their menstrual cycle and young boys will have possible homosexual tendencies in their sexual preferences. If a mother spoils a son to the point of not making him help himself as a young man, he will not be able to perform well in his lovemaking when he gets married. If you keep meeting men in your life, sleeps with them and never marry anyone of them, it’s because your father was separated from your mother at a young age and he never paid any attention to you as a child such as not hugging you or spending time with you as a daughter. If a male child was physically abused as a young child, then when he gets married, he will abuse his wife and his children also. If the wife, during her pregnancy was denied attention from the husband, the child will become someone who will have “hot mouth” and insult her lovers very easily. If a pregnant woman thinks of leaving her husband during pregnancy, then when the baby takes birth, soon after they will be separated or the husband will die from accident or some other means of violence. As seen in the movie called the Unborn, you will observe that if the first child is aborted, the second child will suffer severe mental problems or may run away from home later. If a pregnant wife does not trust her husband and accuses him of illicit affairs during the pregnancy, the baby, after being born, will later do not trust the opposite sex in his or her life, and will have love problems. If the pregnant woman is distressed by the in laws, the baby so born from this pregnancy will never listen to the advice of any one in authority. He or she may seek a career in higher authority.  If a child when less than 7 years young sees the parents in sexual positions then that child will look at every relationship as one of sexuality and the sexual energy will be intensive throughout his or her life.  Every child born out of wedlock after a sexual relationship will suffer love and relationship problems throughout their life.  When a male child is abused sexually during his puberty age, his sexual orientation will be towards the sexual identification of the abuser. For example if a man abuses a young boy, the boy will become attracted to men. If the victim is a female, the girl will be attracted to older men. If the abuser is female to female, the same will happen; the girl may become a lesbian.
Just like how the birth of twins is transferred into the future generation, so also are other actions transferred. If the Mother was sexually abused by a family member, so also will be the daughter and the granddaughter. The only way to stop the curse from passing on is for the daughter to tell the mother about it as the mother has the ability to remove such hereditary curses on her life as well as the grandchildren. If the father was involved in many illicit relationships during his daughters early childhood, that can fall as a curse on her love life where no man will be good enough for her, thus causing her to remain single for a long time.
When young children are criticized, accused falsely, physically abused, and not loved, they will do badly in school and will not have successful careers.  A close observation will reveal that when a father is involved in a Business of his own of some sorts, the child born during that time will surely be business oriented in his or her life and lots of money will pass thru their hands.
What is the greatest Karmic Test our parents have given to us: (based on your birthdate)

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