The Brahmins of ancient India kept Knowledge to themselves and this gave them power. It appears now that we live in an age where all ancient knowledge must be shared. That is why all over the world many secrets are coming out, secrets from sources like the Vatican, the Mayans, the Tibetans and the Indians. It is all being shared so the planet can evolve its consciousness on a mass scale. The Tibetans say that this is not the time for individual enlightenment; unless the whole planet ascends together, there will be no success as a collective. That is why the cultures are now merging, and a universal language is forming so all the parts can communicate, like all the parts within a square. Just like the Magic Square. In fact society is just like the Magic Square. Without the plumber, or baker, or bricklayer, or child-care worker etc, society will fall apart. If just one number of the Magic Square is taken away, it is no longer harmonic or equal. That is why we all need one another, to ascend together. This Ancient Knowledge thus is necessary today to teach Unity Consciousness; it is about “Remembering that really we are all One

What Are the Things to Look For in Vedic Astrology When You Are Reading About Your Life and Your Future?

Grahas, Rasis, Nakshatras, Bhavas and Das

This part of the Vedic Patra deals with the position of PLANETS known as Grahas in Vedic Astrology and their position in ZODIAC SIGNS called RASIS , in STARS called Nakshatras, in HOUSES called Bhavas, and in PERIODS OR CYCLES called Dasas. The MOON called Chandra is the main planet used for the analysis of basic birth characteristics in the BIRTH CHART known as Kundali. It determines your whole life by its positions and it also determines the name you are given at birth by your parents or Guru. Here is what you should look for when you need to study Vedic Astrology with regard to your life…..


The Vedic Zodiac Signs (From Aries to Pisces) (Mesha to Meena) are a total of 12 signs. In Vedic Astrology it is the Moon Sign rather than the Sun Sign that is known as Birth Sign or JANAM RASI This Sign gives you a general summary outlook on your life from birth to death. Each sign measures 30 degrees. Look up your moon degree in the Moon Degree Table- For more information about your Hindu birth sign, you may purchase RASIMALA HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com.


The 28 Star Constellations in the Universe are a group of Star Clusters or Galaxies. According to the position where the Moon is at the time of your birth, this star position is known as your Birth Moon Star or The constellation or Birth Star provides a more concise and accurate picture of your life and is usually used to match marriages, check diseases, and provides general summary on your finances and career life. Each Star measures 13.33 degrees. For more information about your Hindu birth star, you may purchase the NAKSHATRA MALA HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com.


 (Also known as NAVAMSA)

The 28 stars are further divided into 108 divisions, each division representing a specific sound in the universe According to the position of the Moon at the time of birth. This sound is used as the first syllable (sound) of the name for the newborn child or person. Usually the sound consists of two or Three Letters This sound is used throughout your life and will forecast exactly when in your life will experience danger or happiness each name sound measures 3.333 degrees. For more information about your Hindu birth name, you may purchase the CHARRAN MALA HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com.



This is the ruling Karmic Energy that was ruling on the day you were born. The Year of 365 days is divided into 108 divisions, with each month consisting of 3 divisions of 9 days. Each day represents a Deity, Devta or Karmic Lord. This Karmic Lord or Ishta Devta is the force or element you pray to when you want to overcome your inherited karmas. This deity energy is used to predict your life according to the choices you make by Free Will. You can plan daily, monthly and yearly activities accordingly for prosperity. This devta determines which house, job; business location etc is good for you. This division is usually very accurate about your life. For more information about your Hindu Karmic Lord, you may purchase the LIFECODE HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com.



In India and other Eastern Countries, for thousands of years this chart was known as the only kind of Birth Certificate that existed. It is very accurate because it provides an exact picture of where all the Planets and Star Constellations are located in the sky at that time relative to the Moon and Sun. This chart will present a division of the Universe into 12 quadrants represented by the 12 Zodiac Signs, showing the Position of the Planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, using the 360 degree circle. Zero degree begins from Aries and ends with 360 degrees at Pisces. In Vedic Astrology there are 2 additional Planets called Rahu & Ketu. These are really the Moon’s North and South Nodes where eclipses occur approximately every 18 years. For your birth chart analysis, you may purchase it as a PDF file at www.shop.swamiram.com.


The Day is further divided into 12 divisions and using the 24 hour rotation of the Earth each Rising Sign or Ascendant covering approximately 2 hours. Since the rotation of the Earth covers only 12 divisions, the same Zodiac Signs are used to represent each Rising Sign. Hence Aries covering the 1st division of 2 hrs and Taurus covering the 2nd Division of 2 hours and so on. The Ascendant or Lagna is used to determine you mental conditions and the status and experiences you will have in your life. This Sign is very important as it determines which sign rules your Head section in Vedic Astrology. For more information about your Hindu birth ascendant or lagna, you may purchase the LAGNA MALA HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com.



Each Star Constellation is ruled by one of the Planets of the Solar System including the Moon’s North and South Nodes known as Rahu and Ketu. Each Planet is referred to as a Dasa or Period Ruler. This determines what type of planetary cycle you will go through, and the type of Experiences you will have during that period. Some of the Planets cover different periods which can be as small as 3 months to as large as 20 years. A special chart is prepared at the time of birth so that the family can prepare beforehand to deal with bad planetary periods. Usually a priest is consulted to perform remedial measures that will minimize the effect of a negative period. Your planetary cycles can be determined by looking up the moon degree of birth in the Major Dasa. For more information about your Hindu birth graha cycles, you may purchase the DASA MALA HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com. For a personal Dasa Mala Chart according to your birth date you may purchase a PDF file version from the same website.


Vedic Forecasts are based on The Vedic Birth Sign which is known as the Moon Sign in Western Astrology. The difference between Western Moon Sign Births and Vedic Moon Sign Births is the Ayanamsa – which is the difference of 23 degrees where the western degree is reduced by this much prior to the establishment of the moon position according to the date of birth. The easiest way to find your Moon Sign of birth according to Vedic Scientific Astrology is to find out your Western Degree of Birth and then subtract approximately 23 degrees from this degree amount so as to obtain the Moon Sign Position, using the same Aries Zero point as in Western Astrology.

This part of the book is based on your Birth Sign according to the Vedic position of the Moon on your date of Birth. The predictions in this book are based on the position of the VEDIC Lords (Devtas) or Planets with relation to your Vedic Moon Sign. Each Lord affects your life differently according to the position of Birth Lords in each Sign in your Birth Chart. Any way as each Birth Lord affects different aspects of your life it is either negative or positive. If you find that it is negative then a special Puja or prayer is recommended to affect the “Gravitational” effects of that Lord so that your situation can be corrected. A compilation of the nine prayers required for all the nine lords are given in this book. Try to follow these instructions with the advice and guidance of a Vedic Priest or Guru.

The day of birth usually determines the position of the moon in a zodiac sign. The moon which is also called Chandra Devta changes Signs (Rasis) every two and a half days. It completes a full circle of 360 degrees on the “Ecliptic” in approximately one month. When a baby is born, the position of the Moon in one of the twelve signs of the Zodiac is taken as Birth Sign. In the following pages, the interpretation of this combination of Moon-Sign or Chandra-Rasi is given briefly.


It is interesting to note that the Sun in Vedic Astrology represents creation and generation of life, and is called Surya Devta, while the Moon or Chandra Devta represents motherhood, birth and mental stimulation.

Besides using the moon for predicting birth events, there are other factors to consider before a greater degree of accuracy in forecasting can be achieved. There is the Nakshatra or the Constellation of Stars where the moon is located at the time of birth. There is the Nakshatra Pada or Charran Name Sound, The Dasa Lord, the Nakshatra Lords and the Yoga. These are all important elements in the determination of a person’s future. Vedic Knowledge of the Stars is of a very ancient origination. It is amazing to note however, that the knowledge presented from back then still applies today to our society. The 27 main Nakshatras are still there in the sky, and the zodiac signs are still there after thousands of years since the Vedic knowledge was written.

Transit of planets from star (Nakshatras) to star constellations, or from signs (Arsis) to consecutive zodiac signs will result in influences on different phases or parts of a person’s life, from year to year, month to month or from day to day. The transit system of the Vedics consists of the location of the Devtas (Grahas) in various parts of a person’s body at a particular time. The Moon Sign at birth is considered the first house or the head of the “body of houses.” The second sign from the moon is the second house and so on.

The Moon Sign at birth is the sign under which all predictions are made in the following pages. Find out your Moon sign at Birth and then look up the forecast by the Devtas under that sign.


The Planets act as a gravitational lens or transformers of energy from Vishnu or the Supreme Universe, and in Vedic Science it is known as the Nav-Grahas which means Nine-Planets. There are nine planets in the Living Solar System but only the first seven planets have tremendous gravitational effect on each other. Through a method of timing the ancient scientist, long before Newton and Galileo, developed an interpretation of these planetary or Divine effects on our life. These Forces are called Nav-Grahas. Below we explain the effects of these divine planets.

The Sun, also called Surya in Vedic Science, has full effect on our status in life, our ambitions, our tempers and when this planet affects you negatively; it causes such things as skin diseases, skin cancer, loss of job, conflict with government, etc. If you are affected by this negative influence, then you have Surya Graha, and the proper ritual needs to be performed so as to tranquilize the negative effects of this graha or planet.

The Moon called Chandra affects our mental health, menstrual cycle of women, birth of babies and our peace of mind. A negative effect or bad graha (planet) can affect our peace, our nervous system, etc. The proper ritual by a priest can relieve you of all the negative effects of the moon.

The planet Mercury or Budh Graha affects our relationships with religious individuals, our temples, astrologers, doctors and teachers. A negative effect would be: conflicts with religious persons, loss of health, loss of education and an inability to think properly. The proper ritual would cure these ill effects of Mercury.

The planet Venus, or Shukra, affects your love life and marriage etc. Mars or Mangal affects our pains, aggressiveness and friendships. Jupiter or Guru affects our wealth, our education, our health etc. Saturn called Lord Shanee affects our relationship with prisons, courts, accidents, loss of wealth and death. A special Saturn cycle such as the one that affected O.J. Simpson can create sudden loss of wealth for seven years. If one becomes religious, he or she recovers all the wealth at the end of the period. This effect can also be found in The Bible under the story of “Job.

The Ascending Node of the moon referred to as Rahu in Vedic Astrology affects our relationships with drugs, illegal actions, travel, abortions and separation from children and family. Rahu also represents the effects of the devil or sacrificial worship, since he is known also as a shadowy planet without a body, only a head. Avoiding such things as red meat, alcohol, black clothing, and cigarettes/drugs will save you from the effects of Rahu.

The Descending Node of the Moon or Ketu affects our relationships with terminal diseases, alcohol, abnormal sex, spiritual magic, and results of negative karma, incurable diseases, cancer, menstrual bleeding and cramps. Because this is a shadowy planet, and has no head but a body being the bottom half of Rahu, Ketu can cause insanity, loss of mind, depression and decapitation. Avoiding red meat, alcohol and sacrificial animals will save you from the effects of Ketu.

It is always advisable to contact a Vedic Astrologer or a TRUE Bramhin Priest for further advice… For more information about your Hindu planetary chakras and effects on your life, you may purchase the GRAHA MALA HANDBOOK available at www.shop.swamiram.com. For a PDF file of the planetary effects on your life you may purchase it at the same website.


The Chakra Below Represents The General Placements Of The Zodiac Signs Before Determining Your Individual Houses And Chakra Quadrants.

The following (Zodiac) diagrams which are square or rectangular in shape, and are divided into (12) twelve segments or divisions are a representation of the twelve divisions of the Human Body known as the Kalapurasa in Vedic Texts. These 12 divisions are also known as the 12 aspects of a person’s life such as Wealth, Health etc. Long before the man-made clock was invented, a person’s birth chart at the time of birth was recorded by the positions of all the planets (Grahas) and this being the fixed position of an individual’s birth; the movement of these heavenly bodies would be traced as they move along in these divisions, and as the person ages. This was the real way of measuring time in a person’s life. Modern traditions have given away to the modern clock. As the Planets or Grahas travel through these divisions they affect various parts of your body, your mind and your life according to their position in a segment at that moment. This is simply a map of the gravitational forces affecting you according to the angle and direction of all the planets or Grahas on that date and time. Each planet or graha acts as an antenna transmitting the energies of the universe and the Divine effects of the Devtas such as Vishnu, Bramha and Shiva as they move these forces within our body all the time. In this way they control pour speech, your thoughts, your emotions and your actions based on your previous life, your earlier life and your intelligence. The Chakra diagrams presented in this book depict where the planets are at a specific time of the month. The planets are shown in the quadrant they occupy every TWO weeks of the month Below in the chakra is an example diagram chakra of a person born under the Hour sign or Zodiac sign of Khumbha has Simha in his Private Area, so his or her spouse will be a strong headed and highly intelligent person. The Private Area connects you to your spouse so the 7th house will always predict what will happen to your spouse or how He or She will affect you in your Marriage or love life. If you do not know the jour of your birth, then the sign the moon occupied on the day of your birth can be used. If you still do not know that then the Sun Sign can be used also. In this book the sign ruling the hour of your birth can be found in the section on Lagnas or Rising Signs. If a person was born in a Mithuna Moon sign for example, then the Head or house#1 is Mithuna followed on the left by Karkata which is the Sign after Mithuna, ruling your Right Shoulder and then Simha will be in the Right Arms and so o, until the 12th House becomes Vrishaba which will rule the Left Shoulder. In this case the 7th house is ruled by the sign Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter thus presenting to this person a very great and highly spiritual wife. Having Khumbha in his 9th house he or she will have great wealth through godly actions. House numbers never change in the chakra. The only numbers that change are sign numbers depending on your time or day of birth.

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